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Here at Texas landscaping Resources we can construct and build various types of structures from masonry work to adding lighting fixtures. Let us know your ideas and we can make it into a reality.

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Privacy Fences

Let’s talk about any particular fence you may have in mind and see if its right for you.

Integrate a few brick columns along the fence is always a great eye opener.

Most of our fence we do are wooden fence, please let us know if you have any ideas on how you would like to personalize your fence. 


Landscape Lighting


Pathway Lights

great for walkways and driveways

Spot & Accent Lights

Also know as "bullet lights" for lighting up certain architectural and landscape features (Trees, Flowerbeds, Mailboxes, Etc.)

Deck, Step & Brick Lights

Perfect for giving a glow to brick stairs or even near the family pool.

Note: There is an option of purchasing solar powered landscape lights.


-Landscape Lighting Sample

Residential or commercial landscape lighting could be a beautiful fixture to your landscape.

It could be a good way to lighting up your home during a get together or letting a business office brighten up right before sunset.

Pricing is based off per job and type of light fixtures you choose. Please submit an inquiry for a free quote.

Did you know?

Let alone people are more likely to trip and fall in your yard, Homes with no lights are 3 times more likely to be burglarized.

Be sure you don't let a burglar the ability to hide in the dark and always have your neighbor check on your house while you are away.