When it comes to making a new home or a new business building, your front entry is key for welcoming visitors. It will the eye-catching display of your location.


Here at TX Landscaping Resources we do:


Commercial Landscape – Planting a few dozen 40-gallon trees for your business model will required some labor, so let us take care of it. We can help with ideas for the landscape


Residential Landscape – We have experience handling larger residential projects for home owners. Always call and ask for services and quotes.


Maintenance – Maintaining a lawn and flowerbeds comes with it ups and downs. To keep it looking beautiful you may need service every 2 weeks or so. We can help you sign onto our quarterly plan on what certain day and type of services you may need for your Home/Business.

- Flowerbed maintenance

- Tree trimming

- Lawn mowing

- Gutter cleaning


Note: There is no set or average pricing for this category, all projects are based on size and service of the project.

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Tree Services


Tree Maintenance

There comes a time when a tree may get to big & wild. We can help keep it under control with a nice trimming or pruning. 

Tree Removal

Dead Trees may look unappealing or even may cause future problems/damages soon. We provide complete offsite removal & disposal of unwanted trees.

Stump Removal

Stumps can also be unsightly in your yard as well can be in the way when walking in your yard.

Planting Trees

After every upcoming construction site, it may need a few trees to add to its landscape, don’t let it go bare without a few trees, give us a call today.


What factors are to be considered when getting a price for a tree removal?

Answer: A few factors can be considered such as, type of tree, dead or living, location that is near a structure or utility line, thickness, & Height of tree.

Drainage Services

Drainage problems?

Sometimes during the rainy season your lawn/flowerbeds may not be properly draining correctly and causes an accumulation of muddy areas on your lawn. 

Installing a drain box is a quick way to remove excess water from the location you want.

In many cases downspouts from the house can cause these problems, ask us to see what is best for your lawn’s drainage problems.




Types of Grass

Sodding a portion of your lawn is needed when that portion can no longer propagate grass efficiently. A few questions that could help us with your estimate pricing is, What type of grass you need vs what you perfer? What is the approximate square ft. you need to be sodded?

St. Augustine $

"Deep South Favorite”. One of the most common types among homeowners and businesses. St. Augustine has a good shade tolerance and doesn’t need much direct sunlight. Has a low traffic tolerance, not favorable on an athletic field. St. Augustine becomes dormant under 55-degrees Fahrenheit. It needs more water due to its poor drought tolerance. Cheapest on the scale.

Bermuda $$

The Grass of the South”. Bermuda is Drought resistant and can withstand high sun exposure. Fertilize every 30-45 days. However, it becomes dormant under 60-degree Fahrenheit. Bermuda need to be mowed regularly due to the aggressive fast-growing pace but keeps weeds under control. It can be over watered, over watering can cause a shallow root system. Price range falls in middle.

Zoysia $$$

Zoysia grass is drought resistant, grows thick and luscious green. Becomes dormant under 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Most homeowners don’t fertilize zoysia, fertilization can be less as it is a strong type of grass. Zoysia grows aggressive as Bermuda, so mowing is to be expected more frequently as well. The most expensive of all three.


How much does a palette of grass cover?

Typically, a palette of grass will cover about 400-450 square ft. along with a cubic yard of bed mix to add as a layer underneath before the sod.