Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation Info - Types of Services

-Irrigation  Diagnostic

Have your system checked if and when you noticed an increased rate of your water bill and/or you notice a pool of water accumulating in a particular which is also associated with dried brown patches on your lawn.

-Sprinkler Design

If you are not sure how you want your system to work related to your garden, give us call and we can help you find great solution that will fit your garden needs.

-Full Sprinkler Installation

We provide full installation and coordinate with homeowners to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely to avoid any utility or property damage.  All installations is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty. 

-Irrigation repair (Valve, Pipe leak, Damage Wire, ect.)

After the diagnostic exam, we will happily give an  estimate for any addition service needed with a repair. Most common repairs are associated with old parts such as the valve itself or the riser connecting the spray heads to the systems. 

(Please be aware in most cases property owners hire construction companies that result in damaged pipes/wires, the end result leaving the owner to handle the damages.)

-Drip Irrigation

A more conservative way is trending more and more in Texas. By providing enough water directly to the base or the roots, drip irrigation is a prefer method for flower beds. Its method reduces evaporation and thus saving money over time.

-Irrigation Tune up

With time your landscape may change, and you realized you may need some adjustments. Give us a call and we help figure out what will work best for your landscape needs.

-Sprinkler zone addition

Sometimes a homeowner may want add to extra trees or flowerbeds. Let us help you extend/add an addition zone to your irrigation system.

-Sprinkler Redesign

Let us help by consulting with you If a redesign is absolutely necessary. Here at TLR we want you to save money, call us to see if this method would be right for you. Don't let someone talk you into something that may not even be necessary.

-Irrigation Controller replacement

Controller failure are often the result of old age. The irrigation system will not turn on if lose connections or damage wires are present at the controller. 

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Repair & Extension Note: Pricing on this page is a estimate on what "may be a possibility" at the location you want serviced. Prices may vary per job.

New Installation Note: The pricing on this page is an estimate based on the design examples that have been provided below, Please review each example to have a basis of understanding on what project compares to yours. Every project is different and Price may vary.

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- Repairs and Extensions

Diagnostics Test - 50$ fee for average 5 station system. Knowing where control valves are is greatly appreciated and helps the customer in the long run by saving time & money.

(FREE for non-profit organizations and/or if the original system was installed by Texas landscaping Resources.)

Repair Valve/Wire repair - Average cost starts is generally between 100$-150$. 

(Recommend to start a diagnostics test first, many times the diagnostic fee is waived if its a fast repair within the same hour)

Lawn Extension - A sprinkler zone comes around 650$ on average. This price is based on a typical bigger size section of the lawn.

Flowerbed Drip Extension - Average price comes around 200-300$ for a typical residential flowerbed. 

(Price vary on the size and number of flower beds added.)

As always make an inquiry so we can come to your residence and get a better estimate.


- Typical Residential Home (Irrigation/Sprinkler System)

For most small town homes the irrigation system consist of a few flowerbeds and a small front/back yard.

For a average homeowner with one lot price range comes within 2500$ to 3500$. Vary greatly with addition of new trees, flowerbed, and structures within conflict.

What charges to expect? (Based on the example provided)

-Design w/ City permit for Iirrigation

-Backflow Prevention Device (Double check valve or pressure vacuum breaker)

-Remote/Master/Ball Vavles

-Multiple Underground wires.

-PVC Pipes


-Controller & sensors

-Drip Tubing w/ Pressure Regulators


Total Estimate: 3000$  (Based on the example provided)

Note: Prices vary greatly with Contractors and Homebuilders with serveral lots that need service.


- Commercial Irrigation, Drainage, & Landscape

When It is comes to more bigger projects for commercial buildings or even recational areas. Contact us for a quote.

Note: We can include irrigation, drainage, and the landscape portion of the project. Please let us know if you are only looking for a quote in a particular area of service.